Many moons ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper-nine years old to be precise-I dreamed of visiting Liverpool and meeting my very first footballing heroes. Every summer my family would travel by rail on a “mystery trip” ( known in our family as “misery trip” the reason for which will become evident shortly) where the name of the game was to guess the secret destination the driver would take you to. My hopes of arriving on Merseyside were inevitably dashed each time as the driver decided for reasons known only to himself and British Rail marketing managers to head off to Preston, Burnley and various other highlights of the north of England-queue floods of tears. Fast forward 40 years (and some) and a thousand miles plus from Liverpool, Graeme Souness, soccer hard man and former captain of that fabled Liverpool team, appears on our tv screen in Italy, tears rolling down his cheeks, emotionally pleading for help for little Isla, a brave young dot from Scotland suffering from a rare skin condition which makes day to day living all but unbearable for her. Julie and I, by now both in tears on watching Graeme’s impassioned story of Isla’s suffering and plans to swim the channel to raise awareness for this cruel disease, wanted to get involved to help in whatever small way we could. If you haven’t seen the video please check it out here ➡️

Last night we spent a wonderful evening in aid of families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) by the wonderful people at The Debra Charity. Discover more of how you can get involved to help find a resolution for this debilitating skin condition here 👍 😇– Graeme having successfully completed his swim from Dover to Calais, raising 1.5 million in the process and priceless awareness for the cause, last night very generously donated £5000 to the cause for a stay at our Tuscan home 🏡 🇮🇹Sometimes it’s lovely to meet your heroes. 😉