Terms & Conditions: Italian Apartments

The booking contract is between the owner and tenants. Our agency acts as intermediary only.

Italian Apartments are not he owner of the villa booked and reserves the right to provide personal details of the party leader and party members at its sole discretion.

A booking deposit is payable within TWO working days of the provisional booking being taken. The booking is taken on a provisional basis until the deposit has been paid in full. It is understood payment may take longer to arrive in certain circumstances, in these cases we request that the guest sends a scanned copy proof of payment within 48 hours of the contract being issued.

The booking then becomes confirmed. Until the booking is confirmed, it can be cancelled at any time without prior notice. The balance of the rental charge, is payable as specified in the contract based on individual owners requirements and as communicated in the booking contract. All payment terms are indicated in the contract and are non- negotiable.

Please note we cannot make provisional bookings as often requests overlap and as such the booking is only confirmed once the payment is made.

Failure to pay the deposit or balance in full by the due dates will constitute a cancellation of the holiday by the holidaymaker. Bookings made less than 12 weeks prior to the arrival date must be paid in full at the time of booking or under the terms as stated in the booking contract.

Please note that all changeovers are on Saturdays unless stated otherwise. If you are visiting for a short break or long weekend we will have made these arrangements where availability allows and the contract will state dates and arrangements.

All payment terms are indicated in the contract and are non- negotiable.

All terms on the agreement are final and binding once the email contract is returned you are agreeing to all terms and conditions stated in the contract and all correspondence thereafter.

A deposit, payable at the time of the booking is entirely non-refundable. The remaining balance of the booking fee is also non–refundable once made. In the event of a cancelation, we will attempt to re-let the property and if successful, a discretionary refund may only be made less a booking fee.
However, we strongly recommend you take out holiday cancelation insurance.

All payments are via bank transfer only. We advertise in GBP and EURO however request the payment is made in the currency outlined on the specific contract issued based on the owners preference. In the event that any deposits made where payment arrives that is short of the contracted requested amount he short fall will be requested cash on arrival.

Where the balance payment is requested on arrival, this must be in Euro only.

Booking confirmation
All correspondence and contracts are carried out by email as we are an internet (print free) company.

Arrival and departure times
Arrivals are accepted at or after 14:00pm (or later if specified for a particular home) on the first day of your stay, and depart by 10:0am on the last day. This is to make sure that our housekeepers have enough time to prepare for the next guests. If special arrangements have been made for your arrival/departure this will be stated in the booking contract. Where agreed a late check in fee is advised and applied at time of booking for check in after 8pm, payment of the late check in fee will be required as per specific contract terms unless request made to arrive after 8pm and confirmed at time of booking (a fee may be chargeable and confirmed at the time of booking)

Every effort is made to ensure the home is fully cleaned and ready for you on arrival. Very occasionally, during busy times the home may not be ready till after 2pm however we will do our very best to ensure home is clean and ready from the stipulated check in time.

If the rare instance a home is not cleaned to your satisfaction please make us aware of any issue in the first 24 hours of your stay so we can carry out an additional clean if necessary where required. We cannot be held responsible for any cleaning issue raised after you have occupied the home for 24 hours or longer.

Under no circumstance must household furniture be moved during your stay, it must be left as found on arrival to ensure no damage accidentally or otherwise occurs to either furniture or guests.

Satellite and Wi-Fi
Whilst we endeavour to ensure TV signal and Wi-Fi are operational at all times we cannot be held responsible if or any reason due to weather conditions satellite or Wi-Fi is not available at the time of stay. We will of course attempt to rectify any issues as promptly as possible.

If you have any special requirements concerning TV stations please confirm at time of booking as UK speaking Channels can be limited in certain homes and vary from property to property depending on the owner. Wi-Fi in the property via 3G device -Gigabyte usage in most homes vary but normally includes viewing sites i.e. BBC news, checking emails, online papers, you tube, Wi-Fi however is limited so not suitable for the use of downloading items including videos and films.

Where stated, the property owner has directed the age of children welcome at the property, ages of all children under the age of 18 in the party must be given when enquiring, suitability will be confirmed when you enquire and before booking commences to ensure age appropriate.

Loss or damage
We cannot be held responsible for loss of personal belongings or personal injury whilst staying in Italy or at the property (inside or out) in any eventuality. We therefore strongly recommend organising personal insurance for the whole duration of your stay.

Breakages and damage deposit
The guest should make every effort to keep the property, fixtures and fittings and all contents in the same state of repair and condition as at the start of the holiday. Any accidental breakages should be reported to the property manager prior to departure. The property owner/manager will retain the right to make an additional charge for damage and breakages. A damage deposit bond is held in cash and refunded after satisfactory check out. In the event of work being carried out to repair any damage caused by a guest where a quotation for work or product o be replaced is required the full

security bond will be retained with the balance and receipt of work incurred forwarded to the guest once the work is carried out or item replaced.

Premises – The tenant’s obligations
The hired premises shall be used solely for holiday purposes and not exceeding the total number of people as stipulated in the description of the property, and not to transfer possession of the property during the rental period. The tenant accepts the accommodation as it is equipped at the commencement of the letting period and shall keep the rented premises clean and tidy. No smoking is allowed in the premises at any time. Whilst every care is taken to provide a true and accurate description of the property, alterations are gradually made to properties and some things do change. The holidaymaker accepts that no refunds are available for such discrepancies.

The property owner retains the right to make an additional charge for cleaning should the property not be left in a similar condition to the way it was found at the start of the holiday. The property owner /manager serve the right to enter the property, at a reasonable time, in the event of an emergency or remedial repair work being required.

Pets of any kind are not allowed in the property. If it is found that any kind of pets have been kept at the property a breach of contract will be deemed to have taken place. The guest shall be liable for breach of contract – All damage caused by his/her pet or any pet belonging to the guest party, further the guest and party will be required to leave the home. An additional cleaning charge may be deducted from the security bond at the owners/rental manager’s discretion.

All complaints must first be referred to the property manager/ caretaker during the stay to allow remedial action to be taken. It is essential that you contact he property manager immediately if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. In no circumstances can compensation be made for complaints raised only after the tenancy has ended should the guest fail to advise the property manager during his or her stay. All contracts are issued with a contact number for your property manager during your stay and this is the number that should be contacted in the event of any issues.

Cancelation by the property owner
The property owner will endeavour to make sure the stated property is available for the dates contracted. In the unlikely event the property becomes unavailable for whatever reason and the property owner has to cancel the booking, the property owner or Italian Apartments will endeavour to find the holidaymaker suitable alternative accommodation. If suitable alternative accommodation cannot be found, the holidaymaker shall be entailed to a full refund. The property owner shall only be liable to return the monies received. No compensation or consequential losses shall be paid.

If we change or cancel your holiday
It is highly unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your confirmed arrangements or cancel them. In the event of minor alterations we will do our best to notify you before you travel. If a significant change or cancellation has to be made to your holiday arrangements, we will notify you as soon as possible. You may then: a) accept the changed arrangements; b) accept an offer of alternative accommodation of comparable standard from us; c) cancel your booking completely, in which case we will refund you all monies paid by you.

In the event that a force majeure results in you having to stay at the accommodation longer than you have booked for, we will endeavour to arrange for you to stay at the accommodation at the pro rata rate at which you booked. We also have an obligation to provide prompt assistance. For the

avoidance of doubt, since a force majeure event is beyond our control, we will not have an obligation to pay you compensation in addition to the duties outlined in this clause.

We shall not be in breach of these booking conditions, nor liable for any failure or delay in the performance of our obligations under these booking conditions arising from a force majeure.

In the event of a force majeure which affects your travel arrangements, we would always advise you to contact your travel insurance provider to determine what cover is available under your policy.

The property owner and their representative must be permitted to enter the property at all reasonable times upon giving 24 hours’ notice to inspect the property or contents, carry out necessary repairs to the property or to take meter readings.

Building works
From time to time, building work and the associated noise is unavoidable in the immediate vicinity of the property. We do not control such work and we do not receive advance notification of when such work will commence. We will notify you as soon as we are made aware of any building work that may affect your holiday. However, we will not offer compensation and cannot be held accountable.

We reserve the right to end your holiday if your behaviour, or that of any party member, is likely in our opinion to cause distress, damage, danger or to annoy our other customers, employees, accommodation or anyone else. In these circumstances we reserve the right to refuse to complete your holiday arrangements and will not be liable for any refund, compensation or any other costs you have to pay. We cannot accept responsibility for the behaviour of others in your accommodation. Adults must supervise children at all times and we respectfully request noise to be kept to a minimum especially after 9pm to 8am in the interests of neighbouring properties.

Swimming pools
Children must not use the swimming pool without adult supervision. Please observe rules at individual homes- this is to include opening times and respecting other users. Please note pools are open in periods only specified in the contract.

If during mid- season where the pool is confirmed as normally open i.e. From mid April/May, From mid Sept or October pools are not open or administrator’s closes pool due to poor weather or other reasons we cannot be held responsible or be accountable for any refund.

Our liability to you
Italian Apartments is not liable for loss, damage, injury or death caused by an event or circumstances beyond its reasonable control including, without limitation, acts of God, governmental actions, war or national emergency, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, strikes or other labour disputes, or restraints or delays affecting carriers. Italian Apartments will not accept liability if illness, injury or death is the fault of the party leader or any party member.

Accommodation courtesy
While you are on holiday, we ask that you respect the condition of the accommodation and ensure that standards are maintained. You are on holiday and are not expected to clean the

accommodation but you are required to remove any stains and replace items damaged by party members.

Data protection act
Information which is requested by Italian Apartments for the purposes of the booking will only be used by Italian Apartments for that purpose, for updating its records or for contacting guests for marketing purposes. Italian Apartments is entitled to pass the information to third parties where required to do so by law.

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