Julie told me the climb would be emotional. She was not wrong. Blind fear on the way up and relief on the way back down.

Our guide on the climb advised us that the first people to frequent the bridge were builders where work was “riveting”
That’s not a word i would use to describe my thoughts as i waited to climb the 440ft structure.

However i dug deep to muster up the necessary courage to make the crossing and spurred on by my recollections of Roger Moore playing 007 and holding on to the outside of an airship at 33,000 feet by his fingernails ( and some pritt stick) then attempting to cross a 440ft metre bridge strapped on by a hook and harness should be a cake walk.

To give you an idea of the heights we had scaled, when Julie pointed to a passing aircraft shouting “The Plane! The Plane! “ like Tattoo from Fantasy Island her finger was pointing down instead of up.

We successfully navigated the bridge and here is the evidence for one and all.

And the best bit was that Julie and i got to dress up as Pizza delivery guys. Every cloud.

A big thank you to everyone who has donated near and far to our recent bridge climb fund raiser in aid of The Debra Charity to help end the suffering for people living with a rare, extremely painful, genetic skin blistering condition. To date £1740 including gift aid has been raised which we will match by the same amount to help find treatments and eventually a cure

There is still time to donate